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not corresponding in structure or evolutionary origin

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The very process of "two musics progressing at one time" recalls Certeau's interest in a dialectical understanding of spatial practices/events; the third theme remains heterologic as it develops and moves, employing the voice even of the rebellious, destructive other to construct not a creation altogether "better," but one of both beauty and deep sadness.
Theologically we consider such a detail the insertion of free will/choice into the cosmology, and "the possibility that one might choose to introduce discord then becomes part of Iluvatar's plan" (Whittingham 217); reading via Certeau, we can also consider the Children as perhaps the clearest example of the heterologic, of embracing the other, in the making of Arda.
In this, my account is not unlike the narratives of loss I am describing; what follows is a heterologic text which utilizes both medical and lay terms, as well as my own constructions such as "would-have-been parents" and "would-have-been child.
By giving measure to the heterologic world of the author, formal processes thus replace the artificial determination of page length in the role of scaffolding.