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Lyotard says that after the dissolution of meta-narratives we are in a state of the immeasurability of the heterogeneousness of discourse games irreducible to each other (Salihu, 341-342).
Every division alters its state, so qualitative multiplicity is potential, infinity, continuation, heterogeneousness, and singularity; it is diffusion, is extremely vital.
The reviewed articles (see Table) frequently discussed this heterogeneousness in physiological variables, cultural preferences, racial/ethnic disparities, and response to illness.
In addition to expanding critical conversations in the past few decades to account for non-white and non-male voices in Southern literature, working- and lower-class voices have also increasingly emerged, demonstrating another layer of multi-dimensionality and heterogeneousness in the American South.
50) Even without rehearsing well-tread arguments about the embodiment of thought and the logical inconsistency of dualism, it is easy to recognize how on a superficial level Strauss's account of natural heterogeneousness is contradictory: if Strauss wants to maintain that metaphysical consensus or a community of minds is naturally inconceivable, then he must also maintain that nature uniformly sets limits to consciousness; that is, he must assume that universal nature acts upon the particular individual consciousness without in some way connecting or unifying them.
VO layer maps the QoS demand of the grid users into one certain grid QoS by shielding the resource heterogeneousness.
In contrast, variables of farm area, level of literacy, farmer's occupation as the main occupation, land gradient, soil heterogeneousness, and access to credits and loans have positive and significant effects on the overhead irrigation adoption.