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Synonyms for heterodoxy

any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position

the quality of being unorthodox

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The last two articles interrogate the authority of legal texts in enforcing heterodoxy in two historically and religiously distinct situations: contemporary Islamic Indonesia and premodern Buddhist Burma.
Both sections help illustrate Bradley's pushback against Jonathan Clark's contention that religious heterodoxy drove Dissent toward political radicalism.
As a result, Kleinberg's Flesh Made Word is but an initial foray into the much-needed study of hagiography as a site of contestation between orthodoxy and heterodoxy.
It was a time of uncertainty, disunity, violence, idolatry, heterodoxy, poor and absent leadership.
He employs an inductive method to reach this conclusion, arguing that the classical (patristic) interpretations of the teachings are paradoxical and that thus far no modern theologian has avoided paradox without falling into heterodoxy (famously, modalism, tritheism, and subordinationism in the case of trinitarian doctrine).
It contributes as well to debates in the Soviet field about the origins of Stalinism and the role of professionals in allowing, even abetting, the rise of a political climate that discouraged debate and heterodoxy.
It's funny how quickly economic "isms" and "isations" can be transformed from accepted wisdom to heterodoxy once the cold waves of recession come rolling in.
What are the appropriate roles of freedom and constraint, autonomy and community, orthodoxy and heterodoxy in Christian scholarship?
It is not just that Defoe was not the harbinger of secular modernity that some have deemed him, but that he militated against opinions that seemed, to his age, to signal an erosion of religiosity: atheism, heterodoxy, and natural religion.
Kerby-Fulton here offers research that will no doubt spark an overdue spate of revisionist analyses of the theologico-political climate in late medieval England, studies that will further respond to a culture that eschews simplistic bifurcated accounts of orthodoxy and heterodoxy.
Consequently, he moved to Libya to lecture at the University of Benghazi from 1967 to 1973, but was unexpectedly imprisoned following accusations of atheism and heterodoxy.
Such themes as enclosure and mendicancy, orthodoxy and heterodoxy, preaching and contemplation, agricultural practice, land ownership, book ownership, memory, allegory, social order and disruption, nationalism, and Protestantism are all part of this rich topography.
Tradition, Heterodoxy and Religious Culture: Judaism and Christianity in the Early Modern Period.
Jenkins leans more toward heterodoxy, defined as "opinions or doctrines at variance with an official or orthodox position.
Contributors argue in print about whether the "science wars" are really over, addressing the present aftermath of the discourses of the sciences, the influence of cultures, the structures of knowledge and the idea of becoming civilized; those on science in action describe human well-being, orthodoxy and heterodoxy, and reproductive biology; and global cognitive justice, addressing new knowledge producers, unruly ecological complexity, the demise of critical theory (in economics), international consultancy, coloniality and the geopolitics of the production of knowledge, systematic knowledge in a tropic setting and moving from an epistemology of blindness to an epistemology of seeing.