heterocyclic ring

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a ring of atoms of more than one kind


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Their synthesis, which appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (2003, 125, 9308), employs a tandem Diels-Alder/allylboration strategy which installs both stereocentres and the heterocyclic ring rapidly and with high levels of enantiomeric control.
This definition has been extended to include steroids with a heterocyclic ring fused or attached to the steroid skeleton.
Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry III (CHEC-III) is a new 15-volume reference work which provides the first point of entry to the literature for all scientists interested in heterocyclic ring systems.
In the present study, we have synthesized 2-nitrobenzohydrazide, which may be used to develop a variety of heterocyclic ring systems with potential biological profile.
Clearly structured for easy access to the information, each chapter is devoted to a certain class of heterocycle, providing a tabular presentation of the natural products to be covered containing the particular heterocyclic ring system along with their biological profile, occurrence and most important physical properties, backed by the appropriate references.
1,5-Benzothiazepines are important heterocyclic ring systems because of their biological and pharmacological properties [3].
Faraq, Synthesis and analgesic/anti-inflammatory evaluation of fused heterocyclic ring systems incorporating phenylsulfonyl moiety, Bioorg.
Azo dyes derived from heterocyclic ring systems have many advantages, such as color deepening effect as an intrinsic property of heterocyclic ring and resulting in good sublimation fastness of dyed fibers [1, 2].