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a garnet ranging in color from yellow to brown

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A less common form of red garnet, which was fashionable in the mid-Victorian period under the name of "jacinths", is hessonite garnet.
(4) Hessonite garnet from Quebec (lively gems up to 23.94 carats or more).
The transparent orange crystals superficially resemble the "hessonite" of the Jeffrey mine in Quebec, and reach 5 mm in size.
(2002) Hessonite garnets and other fine minerals from the Jeffrey mine, Quebec.
Giuseppe Agozzino of Genoa had a wonderful case of mostly self-collected pieces from the Italian Alps: brilliant grossular ("hessonite") in lush deep orange, diopside, vesuvianite, etc.
Juan Pena also had a number of other interesting Spanish minerals, including tabular orange barite crystals from Lucairena de las Torres in Almeria Province, and "hessonite" grossular from Cartama in Malaga Province.
asbestos mine at Black Lake, has produced more good chromian grossular specimens, while the Jeffrey mine at Asbestos has produced more small but nice grossular (hessonite) specimens and a few small, exceptionally dark, emerald-green chromian vesuvianites.