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Synonyms for hesitator

one who hesitates (usually out of fear)

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Furthermore, Group 1 used fewer mitigators than the other two groups; 11 instances of hesitators were found in our data distributed mainly amongst Groups 2 and 3.
According to Roland Berger's research, Croatia and BiH have a very low index of Industry 4.0 readiness and they belong to the "hesitators" country group (Figure 2).
What subsequent developments have done to the "hesitators" is an interesting question.
Nodders - who just go along with the group think but contribute very little by way of ideas, Hesitators - who are too timid to speak up in a timely fashion, and the uncommitted - who are unprepared for meetings and not showing proper commitment is frowned upon.
Furthermore, writing is more economical, in that hesitators such as 'mmm' or 'well,' etc.