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Synonyms for hesitatingly

with hesitation


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Fogg's project as madness; the Daily Telegraph alone hesitatingly supported him.
In the sudden thud, hiss, and glare of the igniting trees, the panic-stricken crowd seems to have swayed hesitatingly for some moments.
They looked hesitatingly around them, and appeared to doubt the thickness of the partition between them and the office of M.
Yes; I think so, at least," said the young girl hesitatingly.
I can't go before I've seen you safe home, sir," said Adam, hesitatingly.
It isn't very beautiful," Sylvie said, hesitatingly.
She hung her head and answered hesitatingly, "she did not know; she had not any paper.
de Bragelonne probably thinks the position is above my condition," said Louise, hesitatingly.
He walked more slowly and with less object than before - more hesitatingly.
Here's the bill for this dress," she said hesitatingly.
Then he added, hesitatingly, as he turned to Glinda: "I might try it for awhile,-just to see how it seems, you know.
He drew the photograph hesitatingly from his pocket, and looked at it by the moonlight.
Somerfield, sullen and discontented, came and looked at them, moved away, and then hesitatingly returned.
I can introduce you to some decent fellows, of course, and to some very charming ladies," he said hesitatingly, "but as to the club--I--well, don't you think yourself that it would scarcely be wise to--"
Ah," said the Moral Principle, hesitatingly, "let us draw lots to see which shall retire till the other has crossed.