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Synonyms for hesitance

a feeling of diffidence and indecision about doing something

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NO Harry Potter author JK Rowling: "My hesitance at embracing independence has nothing to do with lack of belief in Scotland's remarkable people or its achievements.
Washington, Shawwal 24, 1435, Aug 20, 2014, SPA -- Minutes from the Federal Reserve's July policy meeting were released on Wednesday, indicating hesitance to increase rates despite how quickly the U.
The symptoms are higher urinary frequency, urgency, leaking, hesitance, interrupted and/or decreased urinary stream.
The hesitance of government to make the voting process more effective and reliable has already casted a shadow of doubt on its credibility.
Subtly detaching "of" from its subject--just an extra flutter of the space bar--Waldman incorporates thoughtful hesitance into the oft overlooked equation: this is made of that.
The company's administration blamed its failure to pay the salaries on a foreign company's hesitance to compensate Tulpar for work performed, RFE/RL said.
My hesitance has nothing to do with lack of belief in Scotland's remarkable people or its achievements," she wrote.
So, any hesitance and delay to deal decisively with the regional crises will have its impact on increasing the sufferings of peoples and destructing some countries," he cautioned.
These are basically spy planes, that's what they were designed for," said one source close to the investigation, explaining the hesitance of some nations to allow maritime surveillance aircraft into their waters.
This was witnessed during the hearing by an SC bench regarding encroachments in Karachi when there was mostly hesitance by officials to give facts regarding encroachments on government lands.
Everton went away to a big club, more than held their own with a good team performance, but paid the price for one moment of defensive hesitance.
Al-Hadad said Yemen's hesitance to do away with fuel subsidies is understandable given the country's current economic and political climate.
Defense Department officials say the Afghan government's hesitance to approve a bilateral security agreement undermines the resolve of allies and erodes the confidence of Afghan security forces.
The hesitance has been generally thought to be associated with fear of public reaction and of repercussions on price rise of other goods.
The Japanese Defense Ministry's think tank issued a warning about the aggravated security environment in East Asia in a report released Friday, saying that China, with its modernized military and bolder maritime ambitions, has shown no hesitance about arousing concern among its neighbors.