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a twilled fabric with a herringbone pattern

a pattern of columns of short parallel lines with all the lines in one column sloping one way and lines in adjacent columns sloping the other way

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It is this concept that helps to differentiate Herringbone from the thousands of other restaurants.
It has a heavy texture - herringbone and chunky basket weaves are popular - and is suitable for most rooms in the home, except high-moisture ones.
99 up to around pounds 299, and you'll find every taste catered for, from dark-toned sheens and city banker pinstripe, to herringbone and houndstooth.
The tour highlighted the double-10 herringbone parlor, a two-row free stall barn excellent for ventilation, biosecurity, and traffic flow and the sand/manure separator and manure storage structures.
Printed on cotton twill, this ensemble also includes classic herringbone solid sheets with contrasting colored piping details.
Outwater introduces its new series of hand carved, ready-to-finish solid North American hard maple, red oak and cherry Herringbone Weave Wood Carvings.
The Love Seat from the Salon range by Linea is covered in a fine herringbone stripe in 100 per cent wool, but this quality of comfort will set you back pounds 999 (W114cm, D99cm, H84cm) from House of Fraser (www.
It is hard to pick our favourites but we really love the black double breasted coat, tailored herringbone waistcoat and pencil skirt.
Still, after all the digging, backfilling, compacting, and leveling, it was good to watch the progress of my herringbone pattern as it made its way past the flowers.
In business class, Cathay has attempted to improve on Virgin Atlantic's herringbone lie-flat bed concept by installing "softer" beds and 15-in.
The Medline puller also has a herringbone pattern instead of a crown or "V" shape on upper and lower belts and pulleys to eliminate skidding or slipping.
There were beauties in black, hotties in herringbone and a fashion victim or two thrown in for some fun.
The series offers food processors a variety of products for worm, helical, herringbone, bevel and enclosed gears as well as bearings in food, bottling, and can-closing machinery.
In addition, many manufacturers are moving away from basic black, with new luggage materials, including cowhide, canvas, herringbone, and ostrich, in a variety of colors.