herring salad

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based on pickled herring

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Menu: Three-course prix-fixe starts with either pike quenelle with lobster coulis or a warm potato and marinated smoked herring salad.
Baked herring, grilled herring, herring with mustard and dill sauce, fennel-stuffed herring, herring fried in oatmeal, devilled herring, mushroom and herring salad, herring kebab, herring sushi.
Menu: Four-course prix-fixe dinner starts with a choice of mussel soup, a baby frisee salad and lardons, warm fingerling and herring salad or oysters mignonette.
In addition to sausage, beer, the butcher and the bakery, the Alpine Market sells spaetzle dumplings, pasta and potatoes of every shape and size (many with packages printed in German), goulash, canned chestnut puree, oysters, grape leaves, Westphalia ham, rollmops (a bread), herring salad and about 30 brands of wine.
After having successfully launched the VICI Surimi range in France, the UK, Germany and Belgium, Brugge-based Vichiunai Europe (Phone: +32 5039-7848) recently added herring salads to its assortment.