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a zoologist who studies reptiles and amphibians

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The herpetologist specified killing snakes it illegal.
Dr Sumit Dookia, another herpetologist at GGSIP University, commented: "In this age of climate change, when rare and precious species are going extinct, the discovery of a new spider species is indeed heartening.
Moore talks to herpetologists whose study populations disappeared almost before their eyes and travels to Colombia to search for a couple of missing species himself; despite his best efforts, Colombia's 22 lost species remain so.
An original member and past-president of the Hamilton Branch of the UELAC and an enthusiastic traveller and herpetologist.
See live snakes, tortoises, lizards and other amazing reptiles shown by herpetologist Richard Ritchey; free for all ages.
There are several factors that can affect an animal's body size and weight, said Kyle Ashton, a herpetologist at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate State Park in San Francisco.
Mr Boyce works as a herpetologist at a nearby aquarium, and attempted to help the driver after the 10-foot creature strayed into the road.
One herpetologist who looked at the book kept excitedly waving me over, saying things like "Wow
According to herpetologist (reptile expert) Jonathan Campbell, curator of the Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center at the University of Texas at Arlington, the snake is actually a set of identical twins.
Which of the following animals would a herpetologist NOT study?
A 40-year-old herpetologist (you can get a cream for that you know) looking for slowworms hiding under the sofa of a flat in Splott is hardly Snakes On A Plane is it.
Every herpetologist is familiar with the life-saving adage: "Red next to black, is a friend of Jack, red next to yellow, will kill a fellow.
Having watched South African herpetologist (someone who studies amphibians and reptiles) and wildlife photographer Austin Stevens get up close to numerous nastylooking creatures over the years; it's hard to imagine him being afraid of anything.
Josephine Martell, an animal welfare policy expert, noted that "it's easier to get a tiger than a driver's license in some states," and herpetologist Winston Card added that most of these dangerous animals are bred in the United States.
Herpetologist Michael Gates and his partner Carol Wormley, both 42 and from Walthamstow, east London, returned from Corfu with the animals hidden in luggage, magistrates in Harlow, Essex, were told.