herpes genitalis

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an infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) that is usually transmitted by sexual contact

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Incidentally, many patients with STIs other than herpes genitalis were observed to have significantly high titres of HSV-2 IgM or IgG antibodies.
The results obtained in vitro with PPE are in accordance with those of two randomized, placebo-controlled clinical studies, where the topical ointment containing 3% Propolis Extract ACF was used to treat cold sores (Hoheisel, 2001) and herpes genitalis (Vynograd et al.
Zovirax(R) Ointment is used topically for the treatment of herpes genitalis (genital herpes) and Zovirax(R) Cream is used topically in the treatment of recurrent herpes labialis (cold sores) in adults and adolescents (12 years of age and older).
06% (8 out of 387) presented with herpes genitalis, of which three patients had first episode of herpes genitalis and 5 recurrent herpes genitalis.
The most common STI seen in HIV patients was herpes genitalis followed by condyloma acuminatum--in both males and females (Table 3).
Camomile oil exhibited a high selectivity index and seems to be a promising candidate for topical therapeutic application as virucidal agents for treatment of herpes genitalis.
A large-scale, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging trial of peroral valaciclovir for episodic treatment of recurrent herpes genitalis.
This technology is based on a unique intracellular vaccine technology proven in clinical trials with herpes genitalis and pre-clinical research into cytomegalovirus and equine herpes vaccines.
17] HIV seropositivity was more commonly seen with ulcerative STIs, especially herpes genitalis consistent with study by Thappa DM et al.
Overall the most common STIs were VVC (33%), bacterial vaginosis (16%), herpes genitalis (12%), viral warts (7.
The Zovirax(R) Ointment product line is currently generating in excess of $70 million and is prescribed for the management of initial herpes genitalis.