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a breeding ground for herons

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Vegetative structure and nest distribution in a Black-crowned night heron heronry.
Heronry looked set for victory at one stage but he came unstuck on testing ground, eventually finishing five lengths adrift of the winner.
However, Vyas (2006) [37] have reported Cattle Egrets to nest at the peripheral and lower strata of a canopy in a mixed species heronry.
The snail was taken during the summer of 1938 from the trunk of a cypress tree in a heronry located on the west central side of the Lake and known to local residents as "Cranetown" (Fig.
The team plans to broadcast live pictures from the reserve's heronry of nesting grey herons and little egrets.
And the night herons brood in their heronry like yoga masters,
This code applies to vultures or raptors flying over, to ducks summering on an urban pond with no breeding habitat, or a heron foraging when no heronry exists in the block.
Should John Kerry become president, Darryl Francis footnotes "Transdeleted and Transadded Presidents" in the February 2004 issue with heronry (Webster's Third) as a transdeletion and Joseph Rudyard Kipling as a transaddition of JOHN KERRY.
But Dennis Krausnick plays the elderly fellow as rather hale and heronry, and his later fragility comes across abruptly.
Perhaps we would walk inland to Blythburgh to look at the heronry there.
Clutching a branch destined for its nest, a Great Blue Heron spreads its wings above the Delta Ponds in Eugene, where a growing heron rookery, or heronry, has been established.
If the herons succeeded in establishing a heronry in the area, all the promises made to local groups and to the municipality would be placed on hold.
Predation by a Brown Pelican at a mixed-species heronry.
The site also contains the largest heronry in Essex, a rare breed of snail and some unusual flora.