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a breeding ground for herons

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Heronry looked set for victory at one stage but he came unstuck on testing ground, eventually finishing five lengths adrift of the winner.
This one lifting into their air, water droplets falling from its yellow feet, is a juvenile, perhaps one that had fledged from the heronry in Benarth Woods.
However, Vyas (2006) [37] have reported Cattle Egrets to nest at the peripheral and lower strata of a canopy in a mixed species heronry.
Clutching a branch destined for its nest, a Great Blue Heron spreads its wings above the Delta Ponds in Eugene, where a growing heron rookery, or heronry, has been established.
If the herons succeeded in establishing a heronry in the area, all the promises made to local groups and to the municipality would be placed on hold.
Predation by a Brown Pelican at a mixed-species heronry.
In 1993, the Bryan heronry consisted of about 1,500 Cattle Egret nests with a few nests (<50) of Snowy Egrets (Egretta thula) and three Little Blue Herons (E.
For most of the home straight in the novice chase at Southwell it appeared Heronry would make it 7-17 for David Bass and Nicky Henderson this season and he was backed down to 1.
It will reach the 40th anniversary of its Heronry and Conservation Area receiving an award for being a Site of Scientific Interest.
From the heronry boardwalk we heard the early risers, robin, song thrush and blackbird, almost drowning out everything else, except of course the grey herons.
Jock took his fish in the Heronry on buzzers and FABs on a midge tip line.
She'd stayed with Evie, Rainbow and the kids while I'd gone off with Dabs to see the heronry.
Little egrets have fledged from the heronry in Coed Benarth near Conwy: 18 were at RSPB Conwy along with a ruff.
The castle overlooks the Exe estuary, has fine parkland with deer and a heronry.
We're on the embankment, me and a tall thin boy walking along it to the heronry.