heroin addict

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someone addicted to heroin

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Inmate 552396xx described his experiences as a heroin addict, saying, "I had a very good job, wife, kids, house, cars and functioned on pills for about eight years.
His solicitor said Edwards, of Brackenhall Road in Sheepridge, had been a heroin addict for years.
Meanwhile, heroin addicts are still being parked on methadone for years without coming any closer to beating their addiction.
Regrettably, almost all heroin addicts steal to fund their heroin addiction.
He said he was a heroin addict who lost his job and home and began dealing to known addicts to fund his addiction.
Reformed heroin addict Becky Cartwright with her husband David, a drugs counsellor, on their wedding day
The second woman, a 21-year-old heroin addict, was arrested for shoplifting in April 2002.
Pc Stephen Mitchell, 42, made advances towards heroin addicts, a disabled teenager and a middleaged shop-lifter in an interview suite at a police station in Newcastle city centre, a jury was told.
Already, heroin addicts in Germany, Glasgow, London and Blackpool have been found with the spores in their system.
Cooper told officers he was a heroin addict and was desperate for cash.
A HEROIN addict told police he blamed himself for the death of his one-month-old daughter.
Contributing Editor Cathy Young calls out conservative Justice Antonin Scalia as a judicial activist (page 22), and former heroin addict Maia Szalavitz contributes a stirring "defense of happy pills" such as Prozac and Zoloft (page 48).
Quoting a number of Steel's friends, her former husbands and in-laws, Bane and Genet tell about Steels first marriage to a wealthy banker, her second marriage to a convicted rapist, then to a recovering heroin addict who couldn't stay clean.
But the other escapee was a heroin addict who started burgling Leamington homes.
Whether it is the teenager experimenting with cannabis or the heroin addict committing burglary to get money for drugs, one thing we know is that these problems are not going to be sorted out by the police, courts, Customs and prisons alone.