heroin addict

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someone addicted to heroin

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Meanwhile, heroin addicts are still being parked on methadone for years without coming any closer to beating their addiction.
Peter Hampson, mitigating, said his 32-year-old client was a former heroin addict, but had been clean for 10 years.
Regrettably, almost all heroin addicts steal to fund their heroin addiction.
But, when she got there, there was another man with him - a burglar and a heroin addict.
It said Britain's 'overly punitive' drugs laws were undermining the creation of strategies to support and treat crack and heroin addicts.
That's where Fentanyl was coming from, the labs in Russia," says Dean Wilson, the heroin addict at the centre of FIX, during his visit to the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the film, which opens in theatres across Canada this spring.
20 EMERGENCY BIKERS A Birmingham paramedic fights to save the life of a heroin addict.
VULNERABLE: Babies are at risk if born to heroin addict parents
Heroin addict Michael McKevitt is accused of killing Pauline Beattie.
Heroin addict Paul McArthur, 27, pointed out all the houses that he had raided in the past two years.
My son is a heroin addict - and I know how this killer drug can destroy people's lives.
A heroin addict is today behind bars after being found with the drug just a day after magistrates gave him a suspended sentence.
A heroin addict is suffering from a medical condition and they steal to finance their habit.
But Sebastien, not without feelings for his father, arranges for him to have private care and then hooks up with Nathalie (Marie-Josee Croze), an old family friend who is now a heroin addict.
A HEROIN addict was responsible for a one-man crime wave on Deeside.