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a narcotic that is considered a hard drug

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Harsher penalties for drug traffickers: Those caught selling or importing heroin in Kentucky could face prison terms of 10 years, or up to 20 years for amounts exceeding 100 grams.
More people are primed for heroin addiction because they are
While the amount of heroin consumers in recent research is consistent with levels measured since 2009, it is significantly higher than in 2002, according to the SAMHSA.
Despite warnings, many addicts are seeking out the potent heroin, hoping for a better high, some addicts said last week.
The UN report said heroin and brown sugar is produced in India by misusing licenced opium crop.
It is believed that heroin has become a readily available and cheap opiate substitute for prescription drug abusers as the street supply of prescription opioids diminishes.
Cicero and his colleagues reviewed the survey responses of 2,797 self-reported heroin users entering treatment in 2010-2013.
Heroin has increasingly become the drug of choice given its affordability as compared to prescription drugs and is easier to access.
Peaches Geldof, who died suddenly last month aged 25, had heroin in her sys-|tem.
In another case, ANF Team at Rawalpindi Airport recovered 40 heroin filled ingested capsules and 105 heroin filled concealed capsules in shoes of a passenger.
Alan Mills, 45, of North Road, St Helens - supply heroin - sentenced to 12 months in prison.
Michael Slate, 44, of Biart Place, received a three-year jail sentence for conspiracy to supply heroin.
Summary: "I took heroin for 10 years and no one knew," says 24-year-old Khaled.
REFORMED heroin addict Becky Cartwright started smoking heroin as a schoolgirl and spent five years hooked on the drug.