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ostentatious or vainglorious or extravagant or melodramatic conduct

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Today's students fail to understand that bravery is critical to an understanding of heroics and, further, that some degree of risk must be involved.
Compromised agency, coded "female," "the primary model of literary heroism" (86) in the Restoration, is the focus of the three late seventeenth-century texts Rose investigates in her last chapter, "'Vigorous most / When most unactive deem'd': Gender and the Heroics of Endurance in Milton's Samson Agonistes, Aphra Behn's Oroonoko, and Mary Astell's Some Reflections upon Marriage.
For women, the advantages of a heroics of endurance are mixed at best.
If the making of architectural heroes is relatively easy, providing criteria that would explain and demystify why some architectural works are heroic and others not, is much less so.
His greatest heroic act is to rescue a cat from a burning bedroom before disappearing from the movie altogether after his 15 minutes of flame.
TONY ADAMS: Marvellous flick-on for the goal and performed his normal heroics in the centre of defence.
Ironically, Impellizzeri attended the first game of the 1988 World Series and witnessed Gibson's heroics first-hand at Dodger Stadium that night.
The most frequent misunderstanding was based on the idea that heroics and process are mutually exclusive.
To Rose, the forms of heroism are united in one sense: "embedded in both the heroics of action and the heroics of endurance are the human capacity and desire to survive" (xxii).
But there are no indications here of either a trashing of the material or an indulgence in heroics.
On Tuesday, 3 1/2 decades later, the veteran of the Marines was honored by the California Highway Patrol for his heroics the spring night that four officers were gunned down in the parking lot of a diner.
Unfortunately, the authors quickly confuse the issue by describing heroics as an acceptable substitute for basic project management skills.
If the refined heroics of the court must be carefully separated from certain problematic forms of heroism to which the king and his church apologists nonetheless have debts, Action is compelled by Imposture further to differentiate himself from the puritan's impoverished doctrine and discipline.
But there is something about these past few days, with all the late-inning heroics and dramatic wins, that feels vaguely familiar.
After exploring the topic of heroics (Program Manager, Sept.