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ostentatious or vainglorious or extravagant or melodramatic conduct

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news show Entertainment Tonight, the actor said that he is keen to turn Captain Sullenberger's heroics into a major movie.
A heroic 14-10 defeat to Brian O'Driscoll's side secured Georgia's first ever tournament point and has lifted confidence levels to unprecedented heights.
The only area where females differed from the traditional characteristics of heroic ideals more than their male counterparts was in their rating of "risk" as being an important attribute of heroics.
Heroic poets and poetic heroes in Celtic tradition; a festschrift for Patrick K.
Although there are combat thrills aplenty in this title, the author's primary interest is the human side of the conflict, the heroics and horrors faced by brave men in a muddled war.
In the ongoing struggle between heroes and process, I think there is an answer: After the heroics, the heroes should document/improve the process based on their act(s) of heroism.
In the suggestive "Ourselves Alone," Snyder characterizes the role of single combat--Hal's heroic challenge of single combat against Hotspur--as a gesture outdated in its romantic view of heroics vis-a-vis the cold reality of modern technological warfare.
Celtic had forced Lyon back throughout but were frustrated by Coupet's heroics - until Miller and Sutton became the Hoops' head boys.
Gender and Heroism in Early Modern English Literature draws on Rose's impressive previous work, both as editor of the recent edition of the Collected Works of Elizabeth I, and as writer of the influential book, The Expense of Spirit: Love and Sexuality in English Renaissance Drama, where she argued that the Protestant idealization of holy matrimony produced a "heroics of marriage," which enabled private life to become the arena for heroic action and women to become its protagonists.
September 11th was a story of improvised, frontline heroics by ordinary American citizens, and of panic and confusion on the part of the federal government, which had ignored and even suppressed critical intelligence prior to the attack.
THREE LIONS: Owen, Gerrard and Heskey relax at the team hotel after their heroics
With the number of articles on an architect more important than the architect's actual work, architectural heroics ironically is more a function of how many words have been written about the architect than how many people see, use or experience his/her built work positively.
With sensitive, introspective method actors like Al Pacino and counterculture rebels like Jack Nicholson on the rise, disaster movies provided an ideal forum for old-fashioned movie-star heroics that guarded home and hearth in a world turned upside down.
Ironically, Impellizzeri attended the first game of the 1988 World Series and witnessed Gibson's heroics first-hand at Dodger Stadium that night.
The most frequent misunderstanding was based on the idea that heroics and process are mutually exclusive.