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having or displaying qualities appropriate for heroes


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Also see David Riggs, Shakespeare's Heroical Histories: HenryVI and Its Literary Tradition (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1971), pp.
In this context, diplomacy "rewrites heroical action as public service," turning Orestes into a bureaucrat (176).
His name is probably not unknown to you, as he has a few years ago with the Spanish Ambassador in London, where his attachment to the French jacobins and their measures could not fail to attract some notice, from the unequivocal and heroical proof of self-devotion which he shewed to that party.
Conrad with memorable experiences of thrilling adventure, of heroical tension, of the glowing East," a reviewer wrote in 1907 (qtd.
28) Robert Fleming, a Presbyterian minister based in London, who was known for his liberal theology and important friends, wrote in a preface to his sermon addressed to the King that "Your Majesty's recommending Reformation so frequently and pathetically, both in your Speeches to your Parliaments and Proclamations to your Subjects, that the Laws might be put in due execution against open Wickedness doth fully assure us, that it is none of the least of your Royal Cares and Heroical Designs, to raise the Genius of your people by bettering their morals.
Continuing the heroical portraits of Bulgarian persons, the Bulgarian state has put on the 1000 Levs banknote the face of Vladimir Leva, one of the leaders of the Bulgarian struggle for freedom and independence against the Ottoman Turks.
Their heroical efforts were typified by skipper Jason Demetriou, wearing the number eight of the Cook Island international who led his team superbly.
Yesterday's heroical efforts were typified by superb skipper Jason Demetriou, who was wearing the number eight of the Cook Island international.
The stipulated subject for the prize that year was David (which left plenty of scope to painters of heroical or allegorical works, but not for Watteau).
In consideration whereof, me thinkes I haue good cause to wish, that lyke as other men, euen so the heroical wittes of Kinges and Princes, which for the most part are delited with heroicall stories, would carye about with them such monumentes of Martyrs as this is, and lay them alwaies in sight, not alonely to reade, but to follow, and would paint them vpon their walles, cuppes, ringes and gates.
An engagement with David Riggs's Shakespeare's Heroical Histories would similarly have sharpened this analysis, just as some reference to Katharine Eisaman Maus's Inwardness and the Theater in the English Renaissance would have added more depth to Logan's analysis of the development of an alienated interiority in Marlowe and Shakespeare's drama.
A sense of purpose is to be maintained by the singing of 'heroical actions done in former times by heroical women'.