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a verse form suited to the treatment of heroic or elevated themes

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The most obvious defense of Totta is the fact that Tolkien loved the Old English heroic verse which the young man represents.
Several quotations from the recent work of historians of Anglo-Saxon England will illustrate this view of heroic verse.
This is not to say that Ferdowsi did not have the "patriotic" motives usually ascribed to him when his relatively un-Arabicized vocabulary is discussed, but any such motives would find natural expression and reinforcement in the legitimately archaic rhetoric of oral, or orally derived, heroic verse.
Written by Herself illustrates this "concourse" or convergence of traditionally disparate elements by charting the political engagement of such authors with the contemporaneous conventions of both Eurm and African-American writers: Wheatley's poetics, for example, thematically and formally cohere with the conventions of Revolution-era heroic verse and Biblical and classical subjects, but are, simultaneously, informed by African-American folktale conventions.
22-4 and 33-40, for example, is so strongly fashioned according to Pistol's notion of Elizabethan heroic verse that this really ought to be signalled to readers.
Adapted from unrhymed Greek and Latin heroic verse, blank verse was introduced in 16th-century Italy along with other classical meters.
In English the sonnet is written in heroic verse, i.
Iambic pentameter is also the meter of heroic verse written in English.
Hence, in the context of heroic verse and of a derivatioa of wered from Celtic, it is the original translatioa of sceacte scir wered ~he poured out bright liquor' which makes better sense.
French heroic verse of six feet became known as the Alexandrine.
The poetic style sanctioned by the rederijkers (members of the dramatic society), with its emphasis on complex forms and meters, laid the foundation for later Dutch dramatic and heroic verse by perfecting the rhymed alexandrine couplet.
The Alexandrine is the standard French heroic line, just as iambic pentameter is the standard line for English heroic verse.
Though written in heroic verse, it has been called the first novel, because of its exciting narrative and the effective use of flashbacks to heighten the dramatic action.
Swiss poet of visionary imagination and author of pessimistic yet heroic verse, winner of the 1919 Nobel Prize for Literature.
His love lyrics are as gentle as a cradle song, yet his heroic verse is as virile as epic poetry.