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poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero


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A similar idea has been observed in Old English heroic poetry and Anglo-Saxon legal culture, which, in the age of Christianization and the formation of unified kingdoms, reinforced the notion that sworn bonds of lordship and kingship were stronger than bonds of kinship (Earl 1994: 124).
The heroic poetry of German, Scandinavian and English peoples mainly deals with the great German migrations of the 4th-6th century A.
Zlatar is exceedingly well-read, not only in Gundulic and general Croatian literature, but also in the broad range of epic scholarship ranging from Homer, to Tasso, to twentieth century heroic poetry (much about which he has written already).
In 'The Battle of Maldon: A Memorial Poem', Ute Schwab focuses on the speeches made by the loyal thanes; citing analogues from European heroic poetry, she argues perceptively and convincingly that the speeches are 'anticipated epitaphs' which impress the memory of their names on the poet's audience.
It is above all else a work of literary imagination, heavily influenced by the conventions of heroic poetry.
By applying this method to Greek and Germanic heroic poetry, he developed the concept of the "Heroic Age" as a stage in the growth of civilization.
Paulding's work was a verse parody of the romantic heroic poetry of Sir Walter Scott.
Accordingly, Dryden argues that satire is "undoubtedly a species" of heroic poetry.
But however much, as women and as feminists, we may yearn for heroic poetry by our own heroic poet, we've learned as human beings that we can't have everything we yearn for.
Tell me, o muse"; the Song of Deborah (Judges 5) in the light of heroic poetry.
In Allegory and Epic in English Renaissance Literature, Kenneth Borris characterizes heroic poetry in terms of a continuous descent from Homer and Virgil to Sidney, Spenser, and Milton.
Flood's consideration of the particular mode of death meted out to Gunther and Hagen, decapitation, in the context of the narrative as a whole and as a motif in Germanic heroic poetry.
Thus the African heroic poetry celebrates on the one hand the "Christian" hero (generally a prince from the Junior Royal House) and the heroic leader from the nationally endorsed segment of the society.
A hitherto unrecorded allusion by Dryden to Spenser's epic suggests, however, that his admiration for The Faerie Queene, together with the main thrust of his views on the relationship between heroic drama and heroic poetry, may have pre-dated not only his definitive pronouncements on these topics in 'Of Heroic Plays', but also his somewhat similar comments in Of Dramatic Poesy (1668) on the nature of serious plays, and the resemblances between 'Tragedy' and epic poetry.