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a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds

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The personal urgency and the narrator's self-assurance were attended by keen anxiety that a heroic poem boldly assumes a prophetic stance at a moment of national emergency.
The only way, according to Tasso, for a heroic poem to contain the marvelous without violating the principle of verisimilitude is to portray marvelous events as God-inspired miracles: "Some actions which greatly exceed the power of men the poet attributes to God, to his angels, to devils, or to those to whom God or the devils have conceded this power, such as the saints, magicians, and fairies" (Tasso, tr.
Every fiercely quiet and strangely heroic poem David Ferry has given us casts the light of insight into the valley of this shadow.
Beowulf is the earliest extant heroic poem in any modern European language.
1714) A mock - heroic poem, often considered the best in the English language, by Alexander Pope.
Nearest to Turini Bufalini was Margherita Sarrocchi (an admirer of Tasso), famous for her heroic poem La Scanderbeide, glorifying the deeds of George Castriota Scanderbeg (1403-1463) against the Turks.
Excess and the Mean provides a fine framework for examining the transformation of the heroic poem by Milton's "original.
Heroic poem Battle of Maldon celebrates battle of same name
Slovo o polku Igorevye, late 12th century) An anonymous Russian heroic poem, also known as The Igor Tale.
It subsequently discusses theoretical defitions of the heroic poem and a number of examples of 'poemes a dimension epique', selected from a corpus of some eighty works.
Battle of Maldon, The Old English heroic poem describing a historical skirmish between East Saxons and Viking (mainly Norwegian) raiders in 991.
A heroic poem, The Battle of Maldon is set in alliterative verse.
Borris sees allegory as a "parasitic form" whose ability to insert itself within such aesthetically and ideologically permeable "generic hosts" as the heroic poem insured its longevity (5).
Among Belloc's volumes of lighter verse are The Modern Traveller (1898) and the Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine (1932).
First, it identifies in the Discourses or the Heroic Poem a critique of allegory on both aesthetic and moral grounds, one that explains Jerusalem Delivered's abandonment of the "temptress-turned-hag" motif.