hero worship

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admiration for great men (or their memory)

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But first he needs to ignore the ill-advised hero worship he has received in Uruguay.
City gripped with hero worship as Bollywood celebrities launch film track as India play
of London) asserts that hero worship and obsession with celebrities is not a modern phenomenon, and that in 18th and 19th century Osaka, Kabuki actors were celebrities: adored, obsessed over, celebrated by their own fan clubs.
Warhol died during my senior year in high school, at the height of my hero worship.
When Inside Sport contacted Sparky to tell him of O'Driscoll's hero worship Hughes appeared suitably embarrassed.
Olasky's caution to avoid hero worship is well-heeded--for there are certainly those guilty as charged--but Jackie Robinson reminds us that there have been, and will continue to be, athletes who can inspire and edify us.
Don't let Counting Crows-styled opener Keep On Walking fool you - it's followed by tasty tales of young lust (She's So Lovely), hero worship (James Bond), the nine to five drudge (I Need A Holiday) and real-life relationships (It's Not About You).
But it is not hero worship or taking the mickey - they are just trying to bond with them, says the study.
Let's hope they will stand up for Scotland's patients and NHS services rather than continuing to hero worship the Health Secretary.
They are the ones who deserve the hero worship, not those who have personal ambitions of their own to win and beat world records, for which they have been handsomely rewarded either by a gold, silver or a bronze medal.
This was a road trip which could have strayed into excruciating fawning, especially given Corden's unashamed BUDDIES: and James hero worship.
Darley sent the consistent three-year-old to the front after a furlong or so but with a quarter of a mile to race several dangers emerged, not least Hero Worship who had beaten the former last time at Leicester.
There was a turn-up in the Yorkshire Racing Club Median Auction Maiden Stakes when Hero Worship made a winning start to his career.
They said that the mass burial was being undertaken to prevent any sort of hero worship or memorial being built in the honour of Prabhakaran.