herniated disc

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a painful rupture of the fibrocartilage of the disc between spinal vertebrae

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However, the study found significant changes in short-term disability rates for obesity, cancer, depression and herniated discs that uncover the impact of medical advances on absence and productivity.
Radiologically the herniated disc is big, central and rarely paramedian located.
8 Either due to degenerative changes or disc injury, the herniated disc becomes vascularized.
The approval allows BRT to retrospectively collect and analyze clinical data on selected subjects who previously have been treated for bulging or herniated disc disease with the brtxDISC procedure.
The diagnosis of dorsal herniated disc fragment is made on the basis of magnetic resonance imaging and intraoperative findings.
Gerner said she tried massage and chiropractors to ease the pain but a MRI revealed a large herniated disc pressing on her nerve.
Herniated disc is advanced as a possible diagnosis.
Earlier this month, the royal court said the monarch was suffering from a herniated disc.
Glasser felt that the likely cause of Levine's pain was a herniated disc in his lower neck.
Sorenstam, fighting her way back to fitness after suffering a ruptured and herniated disc in her back, was among the later starters, as were Britain's Laura Davies and defending champion Sherri Steinhauer.
But he will have his herniated disc in his back examined by family doctors after the bowl game.
After the Department of Veterans Affairs continued to deny his claim for residuals of a herniated disc and neuritis, it got him headed in the right direction--toward the DAV.
A statement from the show's producers said: "Following his surgery for a herniated disc in January and the reoccurrence of a shoulder injury, it has become increasingly difficult for Mr Dreyfuss to fulfil the rigours of the role, and it is with regret that both parties have had to make this decision.
The operation of his herniated disc was successful, but Hartson must know spend the next 10 weeks recuperating, which will rule him out until the first week of August, with Celtic's Champions League qualifying games scheduled for the early part of themonth.
They concluded that there were "no identifiable imaging features that could reliably classify a disc as an asymptomatic thoracic herniated disc or a symptomatic herniated disc" (p.