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Synonyms for hermit

Synonyms for hermit

one retired from society for religious reasons


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one who lives in solitude

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A man living a hermit-like existence in a one-room woodland shelter in a Cotswold valley was told yesterday by a High Court judge his home was not a "dwellinghouse" in law.
And Faltskog has led a hermit-like existence since the band split in 1983.
Solitary, and increasingly senile and unpredictable, Belloc lived a hermit-like existence until 1953 when one day he fell off his chair and was burned in the fire grate.
Coroner's officer PC Linda Bentham said: "We have been told by neighbours that he did not have many visitors and lived a hermit-like lifestyle.
Malcolm Storry manages to be both imposing and moving as the hermit-like, island exile Prospero controlling the elements and his daughter Miranda.
Michael Brodey, another resident, said couple kept to themselves in a hermit-like existence.