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North American thrush noted for its complex and appealing song

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Beal (1915) examined the stomach contents of 551 eastern hermit thrushes from throughout the species' range and documented that 64.
Green-tailed Towhees chose nest sites with more locust and oak and Hermit Thrushes chose nest sites with more small firs than other species [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7 OMITTED].
Orange-crowned Warblers among groundnesters, Hermit Thrushes among shrub-nesters) (X: = 68.
With a pair of "thrashed" $50 binoculars, he caught glimpses of owls, roadrunners and hermit thrushes - all birds in areas close to Bolinger's Simi Valley home.
Hobart, learning to distinguish different bird calls, identifying chickadees, nuthatches, hermit thrushes and many different varieties of warblers.
Near Asheville: Guided Bird Walk: Join Chimney Rock Park's Ornithologist to identify the early winter birds that will be calling in the woodlands, including Yellow-rumped Warblers and Hermit Thrushes.
Wood thrushes can conform to the familiar Western diatonic scale; canyon wrens come close to the more complex chromatic scale, and hermit thrushes sing with the pentatonic scale of traditional Asian music.
Birds that nest in tree tops such as scarlet tanagers face a reduced habitat; cavity-dwellers such as winter wrens and hermit thrushes that nest close to the ground will thrive in the jumble of fallen and broken trees.
Hermit thrushes, red-eyed vireos and yellow-rumped warblers gorged almost exclusively on the berries of such native shrubs as bayberry, northern arrowwood and pokeweed.
Sapsuckers, hermit thrushes, downy woodpeckers and dozens of other birds feed on the telltale white berries of poison ivy.
From our tree stands, we can hear the dawn chorus of hermit thrushes, kinglets, juncos and white-throated sparrows.
Herring gulls were "too salty" for his taste, but starlings and hermit thrushes were "delicate eating.