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With this machine range, manufacturers can now hermetically package insulin pens into flow wraps with end-of-line solutions such as the Sigpack TTMP cartoner.
The unit is hermetically sealed, and signal ground is isolated from the outer case of the unit.
Hopefully it is hermetically sealed to keep it from deteriorating.
Called Valveless Laser Processing, the innovation uses a single laser to remotely penetrate, sample, and reseal hermetically sealed containers.
It is also ideal for hermetically or near hermetically sealed environments in which low volatility is required.
The highly reliable design of the LS-3 Series level switch operates on a simple principle: a magnet-equipped float moving directly with the liquid surface actuates a hermetically sealed reed switch within the unit's stem.
Woman on the treadmill at the gym wears dark glasses and a Walkman hermetically sealed striding toward a future that never arrives.
A new hermetically sealed version of the company's MM Series pressure transducers features all welded stainless steel construction, 316 wetted parts, and glass-to-metal seal at the electrical outlets.
The HSI/R 750 Series of hermetically sealed, loop-powered 4-20mA position transmitters are specifically designed for mechanical position measurement where a hard connection can be made to a test piece.
When Bow Wow Wow's ``I Want Candy'' is cued (one of many new wave, post-punk songs featured in the film's impeccably anachronistic soundtrack), Coppola is telling us we all want a sugar (or caffeine or shopping spree) high, and that we'd indulge, too, if we were hermetically sealed and unaware of the suffering around us.
The lithium in the lithium batteries is stored inside hermetically scaled cells to prevent reactions with moisture.
As my generation has aged, people live less communally and more hermetically.
Black has two faces in avant-garde painting: It is the "color" of death, but also, after Ad Reinhardt, the "noncolor" of hermetically pure (nonrepresentational) art.
Both want their own homeland, hermetically sealed, where they can practice their own exclusionary, religion-based social order.