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completely sealed

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The reusable bags are fast spreading among smallholder farmers, and, if unregulated, through developing the necessary standards, unscrupulous business people could dump sub-standard materials and pass them on as hermetic storage solutions," said EAGC executive director Gerald Masila.
Claudio Moreschini shows that the Latin work called Asclepius, an early translation of a Greek Hermetic text, was well known to medieval theologians and often quoted by them.
The hermetic lineage Ramey traces to Deleuze runs from Hermes Trismegistus through Plotinus, John Scotus Eriugena, and Nicholas of Cusa, to Ficino, Pico della Mirandola and Giordano Bruno.
AMETEK/HCC Interconnect Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly engineered hermetic connectors, terminals, headers and bulkheads for mission-critical electronics used in the aerospace, defense, industrial, telecommunications and petrochemical markets.
Its hermetic storage preserves the germination potential of seeds for many months.
All staff members who were in the hermetic zone were tested and the results showed none of them got exposed to radiation above the norms; their maximum radiation exposure was calculated at 0.
The HC2440 provides a hermetic seal, eliminating liability issues associated with metal clips in foodservice or consumer kitchens.
A recent evaluation of hermetic storage for green coffee beans was completed in Costa Rica by ICafe (Coffee Institute of Costa Rica), in December 2009, which produced similar results to the trial performed in 2008 at the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe in Costa Rica.
Lodovico Lazzarelli (1447-1500): The Hermetic Writings and Related Documents.
Transfigured light; philosophy, cybernetics and the hermetic imaginary.
Lodovico Lazzarelli's place in the hermetic revival in the Renaissance has rested largely on two texts: his translation of the last three books of the Corpus Hermeticum and his own Crater Hermetis.
According to Herrmann, the ultrasonic process seals through contaminated surfaces, provides hermetic seals that result in fewer leaks, and reduces packaging material costs because less head space is required.
Hanegraaff's and Bouthoorn's recently published collaborative effort, Ludovico Lazzarelli (1447-1500): The Hermetic Writings and Related Documents, stands as the first complete edition and translation of Lazzarelli's Hermetic writings in any modern language.
The romantic and idealist circle at Jena seemed at times consumed with an unquenchable thirst for the Gnostic, Hermetic, theosophical, and speculative mysticism that they felt resonated with their own project.