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Even aside from the prestige that now attaches to a hermeneutic of suspicion in critical theory as a whole, queer studies in particular has had a distinctive history of intimacy with the paranoid imperative.
The goal of this book is to probe "a missional hermeneutic." It seeks to achieve this by highlighting the centrality of mission in biblical studies, pointing out that mission played an indisputable role in the formation of the Bible.
Kramer frequently frames his study as an effort to understand the "metaphysical knowledge" of music, and in his final chapter he boldly dismisses the notion of a hermeneutic circle (and implicitly hermeneutics itself) as creating a "false distinction between interpretation and understanding" (p.
Wynn argues that when freed from the normate hermeneutic, the physically different characters in the Bible cease to be models for disability and vulnerability.
We then discuss and analyse time in existing IB process models and propose a hermeneutic approach.
observes how a renewed and continuing interest in the Psalms and the quest for a collection of hymns led to a greater appreciation for the canonical Psalter and commentaries on the Psalms, and to a serious concern for a hermeneutic of the Psalter and its relation to devotional and liturgical lives in the faith community.
Interreligious Hermeneutics and the Pursuit of Faith.
My investigation into the possible relevance of hermeneutic methods for therapy led me to the extensive works of Paul Ricoeur.
Against this backdrop, the present paper aspires to show how recourse to the hermeneutic dimension can provide the needed corrective for these phronetic lacunae, in the process elucidating the conditions needed to advance the dialogical ideal as well as going some ways toward providing these with the requisite conceptual underpinnings.
The first part of the book, comprising nine essays published between 1976 and 2008 and ordered chronologically, traces the evolution of critical feminist emancipatory hermeneutic which Fiorenza champions.
220, italics in original) The book, then, looks back in order to look forward, applying a biblical hermeneutic to the digital world.
Vishanoff's book sets out to write such a history of the emergence and development of legal hermeneutic thought.
One, the Bologna School, maintains that the Council was and continues to be a "hermeneutic of rupture," a break with the past, and an occasion to foster discontent and conflict in the Church.
The to-and-fro play through which neuronal assemblies form is the neurobiological basis of the hermeneutic circle.