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The goal of this book is to probe "a missional hermeneutic.
Kramer frequently frames his study as an effort to understand the "metaphysical knowledge" of music, and in his final chapter he boldly dismisses the notion of a hermeneutic circle (and implicitly hermeneutics itself) as creating a "false distinction between interpretation and understanding" (p.
A humanist hermeneutic is implicit in the Judaic concept that all humanity is created b'tzelem Elohim--in the image of God.
observes how a renewed and continuing interest in the Psalms and the quest for a collection of hymns led to a greater appreciation for the canonical Psalter and commentaries on the Psalms, and to a serious concern for a hermeneutic of the Psalter and its relation to devotional and liturgical lives in the faith community.
Only a hermeneutic consciousness, says Hustwit, can acknowledge the multiplicity of religious traditions and the particularity of their respective forms of life but still explain how and why we should engage in the sort of dispute that would take these competing claims seriously.
My investigation into the possible relevance of hermeneutic methods for therapy led me to the extensive works of Paul Ricoeur.
Against this backdrop, the present paper aspires to show how recourse to the hermeneutic dimension can provide the needed corrective for these phronetic lacunae, in the process elucidating the conditions needed to advance the dialogical ideal as well as going some ways toward providing these with the requisite conceptual underpinnings.
With interpretation of select scriptural passages, the second part of the book displays the art and practice of a critical feminist hermeneutic.
Byers proposes a creative and challenging hermeneutic for Christian communication.
The book begins with a brief survey of the earliest evidence of hermeneutic thought before turning to its principal subject matter: the hermeneutic theories of influential Muslim jurists in the sec-ond/eighth to fifth/eleventh centuries who decisively shaped the trajectory of the discipline of legal theory as well as of Islamic law as a whole.
The to-and-fro play through which neuronal assemblies form is the neurobiological basis of the hermeneutic circle.
Pope Francis thus reiterated Benedict XVI's criticism of the "Spirit of Vatican II" and its hermeneutic of rupture (Protect the Pope, 20 November 2013).
He covers Transfiguration narratives in the New Testament, apocryphal and Patristic interpretations, English interpretations from Bede to the Reformation, the stability of Anglican hermeneutical approaches across the critical divide, post-Reformation Transfiguration liturgies in Anglican and ecumenical contexts, and a distinctively Anglican hermeneutic of the Transfiguration.
A similar call for the continual interpretation of literary works resides at the heart of the hermeneutic project: for Hans Georg Gadamer, a literary work continually opens itself up to new interpretations which could not have been anticipated by its author or contemporary readers.
The main thesis of the present study asserts a simple fact: Paul Ricoeur's hermeneutics or, more properly, his hermeneutic phenomenology is never freed from religious (not to say theological) insights, despite the fact that Ricoeur advocates a different perspective.