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Synonyms for hermaphroditism

congenital condition in which external genitalia and internal sex organs have both male and female characteristics

showing characteristics of both sexes

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If hermaphroditism had begun as the tiny but frightening domain of monsters and freaks, nineteenth-century medical attention seemed at first to incorporate anyone with inconsistent signs of sex into a rapidly expanding category.
In addition to the contrast between unisexuality and hermaphroditism in the Notostraca that Baker (1955) cited in support of his hypothesis, he also noted several cases from the plant kingdom (and see Cox 1989).
Charnov (1982) used an evolutionary stable strategy argument (ESS) to show that hermaphroditism cannot be displaced by dioecy if the rate of increase in male fitness decreases as the resources allocated to male fitness increase, i.
4) This statement implies an acceptance of the philosophy Kahan voices, a philosophy whose holistic concepts of 'at-one-ment' appear to be connected to what might be termed New Age ideas that also resurface in Hobday's theory of hermaphroditism.
Also dating from Li's teenage days, "Curvaceous Dolls" is a fantasy about a woman's alienation and almost pathological preoccupation with female breasts, with a strong hint of hermaphroditism and bestial voyeurism.
The second half of the book turns to three specific medical diagnoses - hermaphroditism, birth malformations, and AIDS.
The hermaphroditism of some flowers may be refigured as a fantasy of bisexuality.
I also agree with Cailliet (1991) and Gorbman (1983) that hermaphroditism is rare for Pacific hagfish.
Keywords: Disorders, ovaries, differentiation, testes, hermaphroditism.
Hermaphroditism in groupers can be expressed in 1 of 2 ways: as simultaneous, when individuals are capable of reproducing as both male and female, or sequential (the most common mode), when sex change is made from female to male (protogyny) (Smith, 1965; Shapiro, 1987; DeMartini et al.
Darwin (1851) found that barnacles exhibit a diverse array of sexual systems, including simultaneous hermaphroditism, dioecy (coexistence of females and males in a population), and androdioecy (hermaphrodites and males).
Mixed gonadal dysgenesis: A variety of hermaphroditism.