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Synonyms for hermaphrodite


Synonyms for hermaphrodite

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

of animal or plant

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In fact, Marilyn Manson, the patron succubus of Pop Goth culture, personifies the Gothic inside-outside-the-outside motif for his followers since "her" name hermaphroditically blends the beauty Marilyn Monroe with the beast Charles Manson, just as "his" gender-bending costumes and performances provocatively intertwine sex and violence.
That particular scenario is one to be desired -- perhaps even engineered -- compared with the one Eddie is desperately trying to squelch, which has to do with a scheme for genetically modified beer gone hermaphroditically haywire: Men who drink it, and many already have, start acquiring breasts and losing (well, shrinking) their penises.
In contrast to Cohn's need symbolized in this passage, the Angel has "eight vaginas" and is "Hermaphroditically Equipped as well with a Bouquet of Phalli" (II:48).
Not only is its Angel clearly derived from Benjamin's text (although with gender reassignment surgery along the way - Kushner's Angel is "Hermaphroditically Equipped"), but so is its vision of Heaven, which has "a deserted, derelict feel to it," with "rubble .
In one short spell, Tootsie is nominated for an Oscar for best picture and Julie Andrews is nominated for best actress for impersonating a man in Victor, Victoria; La Cage aux Folles gets a Tony for best musical; Boy George appears on the cover of Newsweek in lipstick and feathers; and Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin are Hermaphroditically sealed in a single body in All of Me.