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Synonyms for hermaphrodite


Synonyms for hermaphrodite

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

of animal or plant

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Models of the evolution of gynodioecy often assume that females have some advantage in seed production that can offset the hermaphrodite fitness advantage gained through pollen (reviewed by Frank 1989).
Each of these scenarios would alter the balance between male and female function, thereby providing a selective advantage for a change in allocation to male and female function in hermaphrodites.
It was not until 1998 that Bauer and Holt (Lysmata wurdemanni) and Fiedler (Lysmata amboinensis) observed mating among these individuals, which confirmed that the "female" phase of Lysmata species was a functional simultaneous hermaphrodite, able to mate successfully both as male and female.
2004), but little is known about the effects of having a higher ploidy level, such as tetraploidy, on the development of gamete cells and on the hermaphrodite condition or the development of the characteristic sexually divided gonad sac, where both ovary and testis are present simultaneously in defined proportions in diploids, and it is probably an inheritable characteristic because it is retained from one generation to the next (Mason 1958, Beninger & Le Pennec 2006), indicating that there must be a genetic determination/differentiation system involved in the gonad structuration.
Aplysia californica is an example of a simultaneous hermaphrodite that favors role flexibility in mating, and is able to change strategies over the course of a mating season as a result of shifting environmental variables and partner condition.
Therefore, abnormalities in sex differentiation can occur which may lead to true hermaphrodites, pseudohermaphrodites and gonadal dysgenesis etc5.
The choice of rearing hermaphrodite as male or female sex is governed by phallus size.
Bella was diagnosed by vet Lizzie Howitt as being a hermaphrodite - a very rare condition where an no we animal has both male and female reproductive organs.
Contract notice: Municipal federation of purchase statutory accident insurance hermaphrodite.
Melon plants are self-compatible, but the hermaphrodite flowers need pollinators (mainly Apis mellifera) which are responsible for the deposition of pollen grains on the stigma.
The parameters a and b of the length-weight relationships (LWRs) were calculated as W=aLb are presented LWRs for males, females, hermaphrodite and the total sample population was determined as W=0.
Cleofe finds it a once-in-a-lifetime experience to discover that one of their goats is a hermaphrodite.
Owners Tom Minns and Claire Gidley were shocked to discover Marbles is a rare hermaphrodite.
Mittens is a seemingly regular household cat that enjoys being scratched under the chin and chasing a piece of string around, but there's one thing about a Newfoundland family's pet that sets it apart -- Mittens is a hermaphrodite.