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congenital condition in which external genitalia and internal sex organs have both male and female characteristics

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48) The image is thus suggestive of a form of divinely sanctioned hermaphrodism.
There are many reports concerning hypospadiac cases in ruminants associated with other congenital anomalies such as atresia ani, absence of tail, hermaphrodism, and cryptorchidism [7, 9, 11-17].
9) Because d'Albert's analysis centers on determining Maupin's sex through visual scrutiny, this passage shares more with case studies of hermaphrodism than the popular genre of physiognomy, which relies on observation to describe typology rather than to reveal hidden sexual identity.
101) Listed among its chapter headings were "The Vagina," "The Penis," "Proper Time for Sexual Indulgence," and "Singular Case of Female Hermaphrodism.
Despite the empirical evidence of floral hermaphrodism, the female body is routinely troped as the vulnerable, desirable flower; sex with a virgin is figured as defloration; in recent popular discourse, gay men are derogated as "pansies.
The authors seem to have overlooked the entire international scientific literature on psychological androgyny, published over the last thirty years, and which has nothing to do with hermaphrodism (Cook, 1985; Heilbrum, 1973; Singer, 2000; Stake, 1997; Woodhill & Samuels, 2003).
Scheirl also expresses a fascination with composite identities and in his interview sees himself as being engaged in a process of transformation; for Scheirl hermaphrodism represents an ideal state.
Because of the length of the undifferentiated gonad stage in juvenile striped mullet, previous studies have proposed the possibility of protandric hermaphrodism in this species.
2002, 2003) associated hermaphrodism and gonadal dysgenesis in amphibians with very low aquatic concentrations of atrazine (0.
Transverse sections 10 mm thick of tissue sampled from left and right positions along the length of the gonad were studied for any histological changes that might have indicated incipient hermaphrodism in the specimen.
His discussions of the benefits of crossing individuals from very different conditions of life, of the cases in which self-fertilization is not injurious and even advantageous, and of those species in which hermaphrodism represents an evolutionary development away from separate sexes, while addressed in part to animal breeders and horticulturalists, had obvious implications for human sexuality.
Although Foucault argues that Herculine's hermaphrodism points to a "`happy limbo of non-identity'" (94), she interprets it as "a new category of sexual and civic identity" (98), unstable and yet capable of destabilizing conventional definitions of masculinity and feminity, something outside of binary codes, something not-male and not-female as well, something that "actually exemplifies the modern sexual subject" (99).
As Michel Foucault writes in The History of Sexuality, "Homosexuality appeared as one of the forms of sexuality when it was transposed from the practice of sodomy onto a kind of hermaphrodism of the soul.
imbecillis", an undescribed species, exhibit simultaneous hermaphrodism (SH).