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in a subsequent part of this document or statement or matter etc.

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It further says: "Therefore, in the exercise of the powers granted under Section 25 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967, I hereby order the attachment of the property specified in the Schedule hereunder as proceeds of terrorism.
The company aims to use the net proceeds from the offering of the New Notes, together with other available cash, to offer the total amount of funds required to complete its earlier announced tender offer to repurchase for cash its outstanding 9.75 percent Senior Secured Notes due 2018, and 6.25 percent Senior Secured Notes due 2018, including the payment of interest on the Tender Offer Notes purchased hereunder, and all related fees and expenses.
AndyM urray isn't bothered byh is run ofdef eats "Withthe successI haveh ad at Wimbledon,Ial waysa rrive hereunder some pressure.B ut alsothis i swhere I'mable tos hift upa couple ofg ears because grass works tom ystrengths.I alwaysj ustf eel veryg oodh ere.I don'tg etp ulledd ownby not having wona Grand Slam forso long.
The equalisation of the rating on the program, and notes issued hereunder, with the issuer credit rating on IsDB is based on our view that the full and timely payment of periodic distribution and principal on the Sukuk ultimately depend on IDB Trust Service Ltd.'s recourse to IsDB's obligations under the programme, including IsDB's obligation to provide the liquidity facility and to repurchase the Sukuk assets.
In her lawsuit, according to Radio and Records' account, Gilbert said after she had agreed to a separation package, she was given a document to sign that read: "'Employee acknowledges that the Tribune Company ('Tribune') is a competitor of Company and represents that she does not intend to be and shall not be hired or engaged by Tribune during the Non-Compete Period referenced in Section 2.1 hereunder (11 months)."
However, in no event shall Owner have any obligation to Tenant hereunder if the Current Price Index for any lease year is less than the Base Price Index or,
loans to Participants as [expressly provided for in the Plan], no benefit or interest available hereunder will be subject to assignment or alienation, either voluntarily or involuntarily."
The vision of Czech education is hereunder discussed within the framework of the development of the Czech educational policy in the 1990's, pointing out the Programme's essential ideas.
Section 7 states: 'Subject to the provisions contained in this Act, the High Court Division and District Courts shall, in all suits and proceedings hereunder, act and give relief on principles and rules which, in the opinion of the said Courts, are as nearly as may be conformable to the principles and rules on which the Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes in England for the time being acts and gives relief.'
SOCAR would execute the activities hereunder through SOCAR Trading S.A., which is SOCAR's wholly owned affiliate.
Hereunder SUNA publishes the statement: While the Armed Forces continue to comb all the surrounding areas of Abu Krashola, and while our planes was carrying its routine missions a technical failure occurred in one of the planes a matter which led to its falling down.
The positions of Sudan and South Sudan, and the agreed deal are summarized in the following tables: For the full text please see the attached text hereunder:
"All rent concessions - i.e., amounts by which the lease rent for any month hereunder is less than the highest monthly base rent due under this lease; and all amounts of any free rent or reduced rent and all amounts of any landlord's work, or payments for tenant's work required hereunder (altogether, 'Landlord's Costs'); are made based on tenant's representation that it is in sound financial condition and will be able to fulfill all its obligations hereunder, and conditioned on tenant being current on all its rent obligations.