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Synonyms for heretical

Synonyms for heretical

characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards

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Perhaps this may work because it is both heretical to assume ministries working together, and perhaps because it is 2019 and other countries are already doing it.
On the other end lay Peter Biller, Jorg Feuchter, and Bernard Hamilton who see ample, explicit evidence of Catharism as distinct from the other major heretical group of the period, the Waldensians.
Many Muslims consider Jonah a prophet, but ISIS considers devotion to such figures heretical. The mosque was built on top of Assyrian sites and an early Christian church. 
Critique: With all the compelling fictional finesse of a Dan Brown novel, "Cracking the Symbol Code: The Heretical Message within Church and Renaissance Art" is a non-fictional history that is as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking.
The visit came upon an official invitation to take part in an inauguration ceremony to celebrate Manama as "Capital of Gulf Tourism 2016." Sheikh Salman Al-Humoud was seen off by president of Bahrain Authority for Culture and Heretical Mai Al-Khalifa, Dean of Diplomatic corps Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bahrain Sheikh Azzam Al-Sabah, and a number of Kuwaiti embassy staff.
The formulators of the new demonology were guided by Thomas Aquinas's questions about demons in his De Malo, and they resurrected two fundamental elements of Satan's presumed heretical activities.
The terrorists later issued a communiquA[c] saying: "Sabah Siam was liquidated because he was a partner in a war declared against religion and against Muslims working for the heretical government in the Gaza Strip." In a declaration of war, ISIS warned the Palestinian Hamas to "end its war against religion in Gaza or face the consequences."
The president also slammed the party for its pledge to abolish the country's Religious Affairs Directorate, saying the party is not hiding its hostility to the headscarf and religion, and that the pledge reflects its "heretical mindset."
Unruly Catholics explores dissent by juxtaposing the notion of the heretical in different eras.
The applicant Tariq Asad said that media has become a mafia on which CJP prevented him to use any heretical language against media.
The circus would have been heretical under the Taliban, when music was banned by the Islamic fundamentalist movement and girls were forbidden from performing in public and going to school.
It has also produced, as Lucy Sackville points out, a range of occasionally irreconcilable interpretations: some historians seek to find evidence of actual heretical practices, while other interpret the phenomenon as almost entirely constructed by clerical discourse.
In the case of a heretical Pope, it would be a council's task to render judgment through a purely declarative sentence, but not through a statement that made a legal judgment because the Pope cannot be judged legally.
And this for the main reason that the relationship between cultures at the turn of the twenty-first century with heretical movements has undergone radical transformations.
TUNIS (TAP) - The information department of Iran's Embassy in Tunis expressed amazement at the broadcast recently by Tunisian private TV channel "Nessma" of the French-Iranian animated film entitled "Persepolis," describing this film as heretical since it denigrates Islam and provides a fake image of the Iranian society.