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a benign outgrowth from a bone (usually covered with cartilage)

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A sample of her DNA was sent off to doctors at the Free University Brussels, Belgium, where medics were able to isolate the mutation which caused hereditary multiple exostosis.
Diaphyseal aclasis, also termed Hereditary Multiple Exostosis (HME) or osteochondromatosis is characterised by multiple bony prominences that grow near joint lines throughout the skeleton.
Only 1,3% to 4,1% of solitary osteochondromas arise in spine and occur in approximately 9% of patients who are affected by hereditary multiple exostosis [4,11].
Multiple osteochondromas are associated with syndromes like hereditary multiple exostosis. (2)
Hereditary multiple exostosis is a disorder in which an osseous projection capped by cartilage develops on the metaphyses of long bones [1]; the lesion is present in the femoral proximal metaphysis in 25% of patients [2].
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