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USA], July 10 ( ANI ): A recent research could offer hope to the thousands of, mainly young, people affected by the hereditary condition Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2).
Even two parents who do not suffer from a hereditary condition can pass it on to their children if they are carriers of a genetic mutation that causes the disease.
Furthermore, 30% of ColoNext patients with mutations in genes with well-established diagnostic criteria did not meet clinical criteria for the corresponding hereditary condition and their diagnosis would have been missed by traditional methods.
Her mother, sister and daughters also have the hereditary condition so no family member could donate.
Retinal dystrophy, a hereditary condition he had since birth, left him "seeing" only the general outlines of where he is.
Bloggers made sport of Rosenblatt's choicest bits, like the one about a permanent relationship being "the most basic desire of the feminine soul," and Silverman's father himself joined in on the fun, writing a particularly sharp response and proving that liberal application of four-letter words was a hereditary condition.
Mr Hurst, who lost his sight completely 22 years ago as a result of an hereditary condition, used his skill and courage against an incoming tide and the roar of the sea to pull the surfboarder to safety.
Scientists carried out a genome-wide linkage study in a US family with an unusual hereditary condition affecting 24 members of the family over five generations.
Nanna has been diagnosed with luxating patellas, an uncommon hereditary condition in cats in which the patella (knee cap) moves in an abnormal position.
HeFH is a hereditary condition, which leads to high levels of LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases already at a young age.
It means that parents with the hereditary condition may be able to predict more accurately the chances of passing it on to their children.
Al l three have the deadly hereditary condition sickle cell anaemia.
Since then, Mark's mum Yvonne has found out she has the same hereditary condition after suffering palpitations and other symptoms similar to the ones her son complained about.
The tumour started in his lower lip, and spread to his lower jaw - a rare and complex hereditary condition that required a maxillofacial surgery (free flap surgery).
They also stop us falling down bunkers," laughs Mike, who suffers from retinal degeneration - a hereditary condition which means that although he can't always see what's right in front of him, he does have some peripheral vision around the sides.
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