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treatment of HAE, a rare hereditary condition characterized by episodes of acute swelling and inflammation that can peripherally affect the extremities (hands, feet, face), the abdominal tract, the genitalia, and in life- threatening cases, the larynx.
Plus, with it being a hereditary condition, family members can also get tested.
Mark, 48, suered from the hereditary condition Alports Syndrome, which led to kidney failure at the age of 25.
A successful Broadway stage designer and distinguished educator in theater arts, Lloyd Burlingame was at the height of his career when he learned that a hereditary condition would destroy most or all of his vision.
We suffer from a hereditary condition called Lynch's Syndrome, which means some of us are more likely to contract cancer than others.
Audrey Francis, 63, of Blyth, Northumberland, was told 17 years ago that she was living with the hereditary condition Lynch syndrome - a genetic fault that strongly predisposes people to bowel cancer and a number of other solid organ cancers.
In the same way, the world is now being opened up once again for Roy, a 73-year-old man who lost his sight due to retinitis pigmentosa, a hereditary condition which leads to progressive blindness and affects one in every 3000-4000 people.
Klinefelter syndrome, a genetic condition that can also cause gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, has also been suggested, but Braverman said he suspects familial gynecomastia, a hereditary condition that leads to the overproduction of estrogen.
Louise Watson, 30, was born with the hereditary condition Raynaud's Disease, which affects the circulation and says: "A friend actually bought me one treatment for Christmas last year as I had been complaining about my circulation quite a lot.
Alan, aged 49, of Marton-in-Cleveland, near Middlesbrough, suffers from a hereditary condition called poly-cystic kidney disease.
Liam's dad Alan, 49, of Marton, Middlesbrough, suffers from the hereditary condition polycystic kidney disease.
Police are investigating whether Alison Davies and her 12-year-old son Ryan died by jumping off the 100ft high Humber Bridge together as their family revealed that Ryan suffered from fragile X syndrome, a hereditary condition that causes mental impairment.
Morlais, of Bethel near Caernarfon, is partially sighted and has been told by specialists that, due to a hereditary condition, his sight could fail at any time.
Now doctors have given her the all-clear after finding the double tragedy was not due to a hereditary condition.
The finding suggests a new avenue of treatment for the devastating hereditary condition that cripples the nervous system.
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