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the philosophical doctrine that heredity is more important than environment in determining intellectual growth

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Eventually, hereditarianism was extended to American society as a means to explain race and class differences and to deter the assimilation of people of foreign and nonwhite backgrounds into mainstream culture (Fellman and Fellman 51).
In a future imagined, in which hereditarianism, state interference and notions of perfectionism could very possibly feature, it is hoped that the entire historical narrative of the eugenics movement and its achievements are remembered and considered by those involved with these services.
Within this group, the majority give credence to both biological endowments and the environment for their talent emergence, with a minority of 11% who indicated either strong environmentalism or hereditarianism. According to Gagne (2007), everyone possesses certain degree of natural abilities in each of the four giftedness domains as proposed in his DMGT (see Fig.
Stern argues that "hereditarianism" (Ibid.: 114) was repackaged in the 1950s in the form of population control and neoconservative gender politics.
Of course, they shared an unquestioning belief in hereditarianism, a biological view of humankind--'a strong belief in the fixed laws of nature which governed the rival destinies or races'.(20) As with individuals, amongst races there were hierarchies of fitness, determined by the survival factor.
But once hereditarianism percolates into popular culture, it can easily become an excuse for treating academic failure as an inescapable fact of nature.
Against this background, post-war historians of science and education came to assess the political and scientific effect of hereditarianism. During the seventies, historians studying the eugenics movement in Britain generally regarded it as a manifestation of class struggle.