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in this general vicinity


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Civilization has not made much headway hereabouts," thought Genestas; "the religion of work is in full force, and begging has not yet come thus far.
There are thousands of overseas Filipino workers coming home from Kuwait without any hope of finding decent employment hereabouts and depending only on any financial help the government can afford to give; hundreds of families whose children were injected with Dengvaxia needing but finding little hope for financial and medical assistance, etc.
And I'm not speaking as a graduate of any of the UAAP schools known hereabouts as La Salle's chief rivals.
He too was friendly and he explained that the bread, and the soup he had on the stove, and the two cakes in the freezer, were for people hereabouts who didn't have much money, and scuffled for food, as he said.
The South American country may be best known hereabouts for having had its democratically elected (socialist) government overthrown in a U.
They'll never be American Idiots, but hope of a revolution hereabouts is ludicrously optimistic.
We don't have measuring apparatus here to back up these observations, just eyes and ears but I would be extremely surprised if rain fell hereabouts on November 1 in particular.
It goes without saying that the book is the first of its kind hereabouts.
Stephen Murray and Kay Walsh were the principal players in the picture, though I imagine that their scenes were shot in the studios - not on location hereabouts.
The festival, begun as a small town celebration of spring and Diederick Leertouwer, who introduced his native Netherlands' favorite vegetable to folks hereabouts, has achieved a just fame since its beginning thirteen years ago.
Undaunted by the several supermarkets hereabouts, he has put his faith in the local economy.
I was recently having a chat with a local publican and he told me the story that there was hereabouts a pub called the "Who'd Have Thought It" which sadly closed and suffered demolition.
It feels as comfortable as walking into somebody's home - there's even an open fire to welcome you in the winter months - and the head waiter will recommend dishes based on traditional family recipes from hereabouts.
Maybe, hereabouts, he put a few more bricks in the wall," Roebuck adds.
The development will doubtless, in view of the eye-watering increases in the remuneration of Calderdale and Huddersfield hospitals trust managers since Foundation status was achieved ('Big rise for NHS chiefs' Examiner, June 23), be enthusiastically welcomed by Trust managers elsewhere hoping to follow suit, but less so by patients who, as hereabouts, will foot the bill out of total Trust allocated funding.