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in this general vicinity


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"Why, yon same is a right stout fellow whom men hereabouts do call Robin Hood, which same--"
"Civilization has not made much headway hereabouts," thought Genestas; "the religion of work is in full force, and begging has not yet come thus far."
And take it altogether, now that we have been into most of the houses hereabouts and can judge, there is not one that we like better than this.
If she is fit - who knows - she will be there or hereabouts, t I don't make favourite.
Cobie's metier is abstraction, in an interesting contrast to his father's works, which were among the finest lyrical expressions of floral arts hereabouts.
"Decent and affordable" go together like doors and windows, it's key to understanding the failure of mass housing hereabouts. If we could duplicate Singapore's housing projects for government employees, we'd be the 50th happiest nation on earth!
Admiral Donitz was eating his breakfast hereabouts just thirteen years ago, perhaps the very same farmers' breakfast we are enjoying now think of that.' The eaters round the table chewed on, suppressing groans, offering perfunctory signs of brooding upon the breakfasting admiral.
Here was a flock of some thirty individuals, and hereabouts also we found a troop of Emperor Penguins awaiting their moulting time.
For some reason yellowhammers hereabouts seem to be among the worst affected of the farmland birds, which in general are struggling for survival.
This is some considerable compensation for other problems - except for the blight of litter, which, in fairness, is no worse hereabouts than throughout the rest of the towns and countryside of the British Isles - for England and Ireland are every bit as bad in this regard.
But for those of you with an eye to the history of what is now Pakistan but used to be several other places in antiquity, do make the effort and enjoy something we rarely get the chance to hereabouts a sublime peace in the company of stones that talk to you.
Hereabouts, the music industry is experiencing an exciting period because there is an indie frenzy going on.
He too was friendly and he explained that the bread, and the soup he had on the stove, and the two cakes in the freezer, were for people hereabouts who didn't have much money, and scuffled for food, as he said.
The South American country may be best known hereabouts for having had its democratically elected (socialist) government overthrown in a U.S.-sponsored coup in 1973, two years before this country's civil war got started.