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a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth

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"The herbicide could get into food products," said Mr Nyandieka.
In comparison to fallow control plots, cover crop treatments reduced horseweed density at the time of a pre-plant, burndown herbicide application by 52 per cent in the first year and 86 per cent in the next.
Regarding the post-emergence herbicides, Lactofen (120 g ha-1) + chlorimuron (12.5 g [ha.sup.-1]), and lactofen (120 g [ha.sup.-1]) caused the greatest injuries to soybean plants at 7 [DAA.sub.POST] in all combinations with the pre-emergence herbicides (S-metolachlor, diclosulam, sulfentrazone), and with no application of pre-emergence herbicide.
"The weeds should be controlled safely and timely using herbicides despite labour shortage during peak period to increase crop production at a reduced cost as the depth of knowledge about herbicide is now at basic level in Bangladesh," he added.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on Tuesday lifted its ban on the import, supply and distribution of herbicides.
Crop protection company Belchim Crop Protection NV said on Wednesday that its Tough 5EC Herbicide (Pyridate) has been awarded a Section 18 Emergency Use Exemption for post-emergent control of herbicide resistant weeds in mint in the US following the efforts of the Mint Industry Research Council (MIRC).
Also, they will advice farmers on appropriate use of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides, mobilize village seed entrepreneurs (VSEs) and farmer groups for a step-down training on weed management, advice farmers on calibration and proper mixing of herbicides, inform farmers the importance of wearing personal protective equipment, and advice farmers on the use of appropriate dosage in herbicide application and that an overdose of herbicides is harmful and not beneficial because it can lead to environmental pollution, resistance by the weeds, and even economic loss.
In parallel, Evogene continues to establish biological proof that these chemical compounds indeed inhibit the identified novel herbicide targets, representing a novel MoA.
A possible solution to preventing or reducing the effects of crop injury when using residual herbicides is the use of herbicide safeners.
On Tuesday the county's director of public works presented the task force's recommendation to the county Board of Commissioners - and it calls for an end to the eight-year-old herbicide moratorium.
Although herbicide use is quick and efficient method to control weeds but it has detrimental effects on environment.
Tulsa, OK, May 28, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Royal-Grow, a foliar fertilizer and soil enhancement company in Tulsa, Okla., announces the creation of the third generation of Herbicide Booster.
A field experiment was conducted for two years to assess the impact of buctril super herbicide application on soil enzymes activity and microbial population.