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a collection of dried plants that are mounted and systematically classified for study

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One of the most relevant yet relatively unknown herbarium applications in botanical research is in conservation biology studies (e.
As the Herbarium Curator Ntim was responsible for training the tree-spotters and overseeing the naming and preservation of the thousands of voucher specimens that flowed into the herbarium from the many forest inventories.
Using my phenology monitoring data from Lake Hazen and Iqaluit, I chose 23 common Arctic plant species that have (1) flowering durations of less than three weeks, (2) easily distinguishable flowering and seed-dispersing stages, and (3) at least 50 herbarium specimens collected in Nunavut.
We'll keep going until as much information as we have locked away can be made available, open access to the world," says Melissa Tulig, associate director of the herbarium, the technology lead on the digitization effort.
Flowering phenology data based on herbarium records analyzed with climate data from corresponding regional locations indicate that reproductive timing events also may serve as an avoidance mechanism of low temperature stress.
Keywords: Ex situ conservation; Floral diversity; New plant records; Sharjah Seed Bank and Herbarium, United Arab Emirates
Realising that such a project required access to the collections and library of Melbourne's National Herbarium of Victoria, Jean asked JH (Jim) Willis, Herbarium botanist (and FNCV member) for his help.
The University of South Alabama fungal herbarium is a collection of mostly mushroom specimens put together by Dr.
All of the specimens have been deposited in the collection of gasteroid fungi at the LAH Herbarium Department of Botany University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan.
Iselin's design virtuosity and skills with such technological wonders as flatbed scanners and highly improved photographic equipment bring this modern herbarium to another level and introduce a much greater level of detail.
Drawing on a database of herbarium specimens that was created over a period of 30 years, this volume presents distribution maps of the 615 species of conifers identified in A Handbook of the World's Conifers (Farjon, 2010).
Field investigations and herbarium revisions carried out in Mexico identified samples that do not correspond to any of the formerly mentioned Tamarix taxa.
Since the fresh material is often unavailable, we use herbarium samples from U.
The establishment of the Sharjah Seed Bank and Herbarium (SSBH) is a crucial step towards the conservation of natural ecosystems of the entire region.
Martine traveled with another group of researchers to Western Australia, and Symon stayed behind to examine specimens in Australia's Northern Territory Herbarium.