herbaceous plant

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a plant lacking a permanent woody stem


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Herbaceous plants are usually present in low numbers but become more obvious after infrequent fires or other disturbances (Abrahamson, 1984; Johnson and Abrahamson, 1990; Greenberg et al., 1995).
In January, Hendricks-Franco was weeding the plots so that they contained four different plant groups: (1) all naturally occurring herbaceous plants, (2) only plants that aren't nitrogen fixers, (3) only nitrogen-fixing plants and (4) no herbaceous plants at all.
Ecosystems once rife with large, woody, coal-forming trees gave way to systems dominated by small, herbaceous plants such as ferns.
When Bob retired from his post as Milwaukee's city forester, he devoted more time to growing herbaceous plants and teaching others about them.
The new technology enables growing large trees and herbaceous plants on rooftops where the layer of soil tends to be thin.
Within the study area plots were used to sample herbaceous plants, woody seedlings, saplings, and over-story trees according to the Vegetation Monitoring System (VMS) of the MDC.
Woody species presence, height, dbh, and herbaceous plants were recorded within plots along transects.
The rule of thumb when planting out is for herbaceous plants to be set out at five plants per square metre.
| | Woodlands have an understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants including grasses.
the garden, removing both the bulbs and the fibre in which they were grown, in clumps between shrubs or herbaceous plants. They should flower again in two years' time.
Herbaceous plants (those that are not woody) do best as leaf cuttings.
Like shrubs, herbaceous plants have much to offer owners of quite small gardens because there is a significant saving in cost and time when compared with annuals, biennials and bulbs used in bedding.
Remove flower heads when herbaceous plants finish blooming ?
Growing at their feet are a vast variety of herbaceous plants - windflower, goatsbeard, ginger, bergenia, turtlehead, bugsbane, barrenwort, wintergreen, yellow waxbells, woodland phlox, barren strawberry, bloodroot and dozens of others.