herbaceous plant

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a plant lacking a permanent woody stem


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Of interest is the great decrease in the number of herbaceous plants on both sites after the third year and the maintenance of a rather high evenness.
After the recent warm spell, many herbaceous plants have put on a lot of unseasonably early growth that may collapse if it is not tied or supported in some way.
The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) wishes to invite tenders for the supply and delivery of shrubs, herbaceous plants, trees, hedging plants, roses and conifers as described in the Specification.
Mulch bare weed-free soil around herbaceous plants before new growth starts.
Gardeners will be able to stock up on spring herbaceous plants grown on site and compost, too.
As to this matter of fertilizing, we need to realize that only herbaceous plants can be fed at this time.
Ecosystems once rife with large, woody, coal-forming trees gave way to systems dominated by small, herbaceous plants such as ferns.
When Bob retired from his post as Milwaukee's city forester, he devoted more time to growing herbaceous plants and teaching others about them.
The new technology enables growing large trees and herbaceous plants on rooftops where the layer of soil tends to be thin.
Within the study area plots were used to sample herbaceous plants, woody seedlings, saplings, and over-story trees according to the Vegetation Monitoring System (VMS) of the MDC.
Take root cuttings of herbaceous plants this month.
Herbaceous plants collected, ages of several trees, and visual observations also are reported.
Woody species presence, height, dbh, and herbaceous plants were recorded within plots along transects.
Habitat destruction by real estate developers, miners and the citrus industry; the lack of controlled bumings (which promote growth of the herbaceous plants it lives on); and now a regional outbreak of an upper respiratory tract disease that's devastated the desert tortoise in the Southwest are all taking their toll on this lowly, lumbering beast.
The product of more than five years of research and development, Blue Whale sidesteps tobacco's health risks because it is made from a special proprietary blend of premium herbaceous plants, cut to size and processed like tobacco, to provide the ideal packing consistency, texture, mouth feel, and flavor of premium smokeless tobacco.