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characteristic of a nonwoody herb or plant part

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Herbaceous plants were completely excavated and any roots not attached to the primary stem were removed.
Experimnetal design: Herbaceous vegetation was sampled using the line transect technique (Hunt 1978; Barbour etal.
Green Road will show off stocked herbaceous borders with shrubs and annuals.
Mellow yellow: golden, lemon-Paeonia Bartzella wonderful addition the most commonly any colourful planted peonies are the herbaceous varieties, with beautiful bowl-shaped silky flowers, which die down over winter and then you see their fat red buds poking through the soil in spring.
These amazing hybrids don't need staking as they have a woody stem to support them, but they don't grow to Fragrant: Duchesse de Nemours tree peony size - they remain relatively compact like herbaceous peonies.
Check when buying them if they are grafted on to herbaceous rootstock.
Herbaceous annual plants can act as sponges for nitrogen.
Stamina is a modern, masculine scent combining citrus floral top notes of lavender, green herbaceous and fresh grapefruit Overdrive is formulated to capture the essence of clean white linen with a combination of citrus and green herbaceous top notes.
Herbaceous Lemon, made from a blend of distillates and macerates, was launched on-premise in April.
The north east corner of the USA is renowned for for its spectacular autumn colours from indigenous trees such as maples, birches and sumach but I, having just returned from a summer holiday in Maine, was impressed by the range of herbaceous perennials growing both in gardens and in wild meadows.
Our plants are much smaller, herbaceous and probably 20-40cm (8-16in) tall," he said.
Several basic comments should precede any plant list of herbaceous perennials.
Three new Itoh hybrids (crosses between tree peonies and herbaceous peonies): 'Bartzella' (very large bright yellow blooms), 'Pink Double Dandy' (pink, of course), or 'Yellow Doodle Dandy'.
In each plot, the vegetation was divided into tree layer (including shrubs) and herbaceous layer.