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a sticky low herb with small reddish-purple flowers

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Herb Robert comes for free, provided by nature wherever there is a crack in the paving, at the base of walls, in pots and herb beds, borders and forgotten corners.
In Lisvane is a tapestry of a lane, its banks starred with stitchwort, studded with the gold of celandine, pink herb Robert and nodding purple violets.
Plants considered to be weeds today, like feverfew, herb Robert and plantain, were an essential part of the ornamental and practical garden.
The cultivated ground that had been cleared of trees, ivy and weeds grew a range of mainly native plants including clary, Salvia sclarea, herb Robert, Geranium robertianum, and hollyhock, Alcea rosea.
It will take so long because workers must return to pluck missed vines, new growth, and secondary waves of invasive weeds, such as nipplewort and herb Robert (aka "stinky Bob"), that sprout in newly cleared areas.
Standing outside the White House with my beloved I saw a little flower growing over the wall; it was a herb Robert and I crushed a leaf.
Then comes lesser celandine, coltsfoot, dogs mercury, bluebells, wood anemones, primrose, wild garlic, wild violets, herb Robert, wood cranesbill, red campion, early purple orchid, wood cranesbill, foxglove and herb Paris, a member of the lily family.
Many of the volunteers spent the morning removing the herb Robert, better known as "Stinky Bob" to the Hendricks Park faithful.
The dry spell continues and the Jungle is a riot of colour with wild flowers everywhere: within a few yards, wild bugle, yellow pimpernel, ramsons, golden saxifrage, herb robert, ground ivy, bluebells, common dog violets, wood sorrel and primroses.
Herb Roberts, the Company's Chief Financial Officer will be presenting on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 1:10 p.
Herb Roberts, Executive Vice President, states, "As a newly licensed CR participating in ERCOT testing for the first time, it was a pleasure working with EC Power.
Before placing a bet online, there are several things that someone should look for in a sports book," states Herb Roberts, marketing manager of Betmaker.