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a therapist who heals by the use of herbs


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BEIRUT: Confusion surrounding a mysterious human rights organization that controversial herb doctor Zein al-Atat said promised him a United Nations diplomatic passport persists, as the organization says it has no ties to the U.N.
I, being nearly blind, listened to so many books on tape about herbs and other diets that I think I could almost be an herb doctor myself.
HE WAS black and he was American, born in the Deep South to a railroad worker and part-time herb doctor, whose wife carried a pistol in her bosom to protect their five children.
And they went rattling along toward East Liberty with the herb doctor talking and cutting jokes till Johnny thought he'd never met a pleasanter man.
Controversial herb doctor Zein al-Atat, who had been appointed goodwill ambassador by the so-called International Human Rights Commission and promised a diplomatic passport, was surprised to learn that the agency was not related to the United Nations, sources close to him said Monday.
Other sources were Chinese herb doctors, family, friends and printed literature.