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the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies

emblem indicating the right of a person to bear arms

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to place the vanquished beside the victor were false heraldry.
It was probably a shield with a red line down the middle of it, called in heraldry a pale.
He was familiar with the literature and history not only of the ancient world but of all the important modern nations of western Europe, with philosophy, the sciences of painting, architecture, botany, zoology, gardening, entomology (he had a large collection of insects), and even heraldry.
The whole of heraldry and of chivalry is in courtesy.
The dark mark of fate and doom was on the threshold-- the tall old threshold surmounted by coronets and caned heraldry.
Here and there a Hatchment, with the whole science of Heraldry in it, loomed down upon the street, like an Archbishop discoursing on Vanity.
What word in heraldry describes an inverted v-shape?
Jovan Jonovski from the Macedonian Heraldry Society agrees with the government proposal of replacing the present coats of arms with a new one.
Trainee knights and would-be warrior princesses can learn the arts of heraldry and archery.
The Georgian Lari Sign Temporary Commission, consisting of representatives of NBG, the Budget and Finance Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, the State Council of Heraldry, the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (all 12 members) has chosen 5 best signs out of 231 presented.
Margaret added: "Many years later I tooK my City and Guilds in Embroidery Design and became interested in heraldry.
What is less well understood is the key position the dragonfly symbol holds in the shield heraldry of the Cheyenne and the occurrence of this motif in shield heraldry attributable to other tribes.
says the 14th-century manuscript contains the most textually complete version of the expanded French Romance of Alexander the Great; preserves the most copiously illustrated copy of the text; has the largest folios of any manuscript of the text; contains the most full-page miniatures (9 out of an original 13) of any French romance manuscript; is among the most extensive and accurate depictions of knightly costume and heraldry of the period; and is the only manuscript to have the musical notation for a widely copied rondeau.
the leader in heraldry sales to the military, formally announced Monday the release of their customer support mobile application, a free app for both Android and Apple devices that allows current customers to access vital account updates as well as detailed research on their order.
Jonathan Good UE received a Diamond Jubilee Medal this year for his work in Heraldry.