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a seven-sided polygon

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The egg-shaped was observed in 20.67 % subjects (males 12% and females 8.67 %), heptagonal shape in 18.67 % (males 11.33 % and females 7.33 %), hexagonal shape in 16 % subjects (males 9.33 % and females 6.67 %), tetragonal shape in 12 % subjects (males 8.67 % and females 3.33 %), round shape in 9.33 % (males 7.33 % and 2 % females), irregular shape 8.67 % subjects (males 4 % and females 4.67 %) and oval shape in 1.33 % subjects (0.67 % in both males and females).
Designed by the famous Italian manufacturer GDE Bertoni, who is well known for the production of the Fifa World Cup, this heptagonal trophy is 24kt gold plated, and weighs 5.5kg.
The slot comprises of L shape arms and inverted L shape arms, in which the two vertical strips are inter connected between the heptagonal slot and arm of the triangular patch.
Metope (~frons) heptagonal in frontal view, slightly convex, sharply widest near antennae, abruptly narrowed above compound eyes, with distinct median carina, sublateral carinae absent.
Next follows the hexagonal, heptagonal and octagonal numbers, and finally the general N-agon numbers.
A two-time winner of the 200 meters at Ivy League Heptagonal Indoor Track & Field Championships, Iheukwumere recently placed first at the 2013 Metropolitan Indoor Championships.
Proposed solution with heptagonal fractal antenna gives desired performance.
Domnin, "Sur la structure possible de l'hydrocarbure [C.sub.7][H.sub.10] a cycle heptagonal," Bulletin de la Societe Chimique de France, pp.
Stones are placed besides each other in polygonal form (heptagonal or hexagonal).
The top floor has a roof composed of several superimposed slopes, with a large central pyramid at heptagonal base, or two pyramids superimposed on a rectangular base overlooking the staircase.
Rather than concentrating on the immediate indoor/outdoor relationship, permeable courtyard walls focus experience and movement towards the centre of a heptagonal plan.
Covalent bonding of six carbon atoms at the vertices of a hexagon observed in sheet structure of graphene was found to be responsible for forming a variety of structures like--seamless multi and single walled tubular (nanotubes), spherical cagey (fullerenes) and branching tubules when combined with additional pentagonal and heptagonal arrangements.