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the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one

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As dimerization properties of FvbZIP proteins were governed by different contributions of charged amino acids located at e and g positions, we calculated the presence of attractive and repulsive g [left and right arrow] e' pairs in each heptad of strawberry Leu zippers (Supplementary Figure S4) and displayed corresponding frequency histogram in Figure 4(c).
(b) Histogram of the frequency of the Asn residues present at the a position of each heptad within leucine zipper for all bZIP proteins.
(The vocal lines here add one scarcely noticeable additional pitch class, C, which occurs merely as a passing note on the last quaver of a quintuplet.(22)) In short, this section of the opera culminates in a passage of 21 bars (block 8 and the dialogue) projecting a heptad applicable to Coll.
I heptad (F flat, F, G, A flat, B flat, C flat, D flat).
I heptad. The ostinato is a triple diminution at exact pitch of the flute parts in the second block of the song's first version.