heptadecanoic acid

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a colorless crystalline synthetic fatty acid

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Stephanie Venn-Watson says, "We hypothesize that widespread movement away from whole fat dairy products in human populations may have created unanticipated heptadecanoic acid deficiencies, and, in turn, this dietary deficiency may be playing a role in the global diabetes pandemic.
0 mg of heptadecanoic acid in hexane was added as an internal standard.
Heptadecanoic acid (E17:0) ethyl ester in hexane (10 mg/L) was used as the internal standard.
Ethylation for fatty acid analysis: A total of 1 mL of medium to which 1 mg of heptadecanoic acid ([C.
Identification of the peaks has been achieved by comparing the time length of their retention with those of the pure standard compounds (Sigma) and the quantification of acids has been carried out in relation to heptadecanoic acid methylic ether as internal standard.