hepatojugular reflux

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a venous reflux occurring in congestive heart failure

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The book tells something about the person and the history behind the eponym, and also provides some landmark original descriptions, as of the hepatojugular reflux and the Hamman sign, to help the reader understand the direct observation and applied logic used by their discoverers.
Valsalva manoeuvre and hepatojugular reflux indicate elevated filling pressures and may be useful in early stages (18-20).
He presented multiple needle tracts on all extremities without rashes, jugular venous distention nor hepatojugular reflux.
Clinically, all patients had bradycardia, hepatojugular reflux, or lower limb edema.
Other signs and symptoms of CHF include: chest pain, cardiomegaly, tachycardia, tachypnea, rales, ascites, third heart sounds, hepatojugular reflex (distended jugular veins due to an enlarged liver), increased blood pressure (early stage of CHF), decreased blood pressure (resulting from cardiogenic shock in advanced CHF), and a decreased level of consciousness.
Signs of right heart failure including S3 gallop, "v" wave in central venous pressure tracing, hepatojugular reflux, peripheral edema, and ascites