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a unit of inductance in which an induced electromotive force of one volt is produced when the current is varied at the rate of one ampere per second

English chemist who studied the quantities of gas absorbed by water at different temperatures and under different pressures (1775-1836)

a leader of the American Revolution and a famous orator who spoke out against British rule of the American colonies (1736-1799)

United States physicist who studied electromagnetic phenomena (1791-1878)


References in classic literature ?
I don't think I ever do consider things like the stars," Henry replied.
That certainly seems to explain some of your actions," Henry thought to himself.
What gets me, Henry, is what a chap like this, that's a lord or something in his own country, and that's never had to bother about grub nor blankets; why he comes a-buttin' round the Godforsaken ends of the earth--that's what I can't exactly see.
He might have lived to a ripe old age if he'd stayed at home," Henry agreed.
Lucy's governess is not the only lucky person who has had money left her,' Henry answered.
She waited a little to get the announcement of the legacy well settled in her mind-- and then she said quietly, 'Master Henry, who gives me that money, if you please?
Uncle Henry had nine suits of clothes, cut in the popular Munchkin fashion, with knee-breeches, silk stockings, and low shoes with jeweled buckles.
Uncle Henry decided that he would first take a bath and then dress himself in a blue satin suit that had caught his fancy.
For an hour or more we went on feeling about, till at last Sir Henry and I gave it up in despair, having been considerably hurt by constantly knocking our heads against tusks, chests, and the sides of the chamber.
Sir Henry put out all his enormous strength, and Good and I did the same, with such power as nature had given us.
Gray," said Lord Henry, stepping forward and extending his hand.
And Lord Henry flung himself down on the divan and opened his cigarette-case.
Henry felt in no mood for fencing with De Fulm, who, like the other sycophants that surrounded him, always allowed the King easily to best him in every encounter.
I'm sure she will help me, and advise me how to get to Uncle Henry.
But on Wednesday, I think, Henry, you may expect us; and we shall be with you early, that we may have time to look about us.