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Synonyms for henpeck

to scold or find fault with constantly


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UNDER pressure not to pork out now that he's starring on Friends spin-off show Joey, Matt LeBlanc got a severe henpecking from wife Melissa.
Rob, 22, made the "heartbreaking" decision after constant henpecking from live- in lover Margaret Todd.
As Barry's pushy sisters each phone to make sure he's coming to their party, it becomes clear that his muted doofusness is the result of years of teasing and henpecking from his seven sisters (they erupt into a tittering chorus of "Remember how we used to call you Gay Boy?
Victor Garber (TV's Alias) plays River City's garrulous Mayor Shinn with Molly Shannon (TV's Saturday Night Live) as his henpecking wife.
Maria, Paolo's unsentimental and survival-focused wife, is in sharp contrast to her husband, whose head-in-the-clouds obsession with the safety of the ships triggers more than one round of henpecking.